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Stay at Samaya as a guest

Samaya provides an ideal atmosphere to relax and reconnect with yourself. As a guest you can enjoy your own private accommodation in simple cabins and delicious vegetarian cuisine from our organic gardens.

You can experience life here for a minimum of 2 weeks stay or longer (ideally three months). After completing a stay of six months a guest may apply to become a resident.

Please note there is no wwoofing or work exchange. Cost is by donation depending on your circumstances.

In addition to the daily program that enables you to participate in all activities including meditation sessions, you can also attend to our monthly retreats and workshops.

During your stay there is time to explore our ten kilometres of labyrinth bush trails and space to connect with other open-hearted friends. Hundreds of people from all over the world have enjoyed their stay here from Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Holland, Germany, Austria, Kenya, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Canada and USA.

We do not teach any doctrines or dogmas and welcome people of any or no spiritual tradition. We simply offer a space to encourage you to live your life at the maximum level; with joy, passion, vitality, contentment, love, awareness, honesty, responsibility and commitment. 


• Life at Samaya

The sunrise streams through your cabin windows, gently rousing you from sleep. The forest takes a deep breath...


• Meditation

Meditation is the language of spirit. It is the gateway through which you arrive to the mystery of freedom.


• Gallery

Many have experienced Samaya Ashrama. Here are some pictures of those who have come before.



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