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About us

We are a group of friends from all parts of the planet living together with the intention to assist each other to live our lives at the maximum potential. We are always happy to welcome guests to come and share this experience with us.

Ashrama Life

Living at Samaya is a process of coming back to the essential simplicity and joy of life. You will feel most at home here amidst the call of birds, the rustling of trees, and the gentle sound of rain on the roof.

We live in a tranquil transformative place, in an atmosphere infused with music and dance that allows space for deep reflection and inner growth. There is a balance of lively activity and gentle stillness throughout the day.

This is a space for grounding, for keeping in tune with life, for looking deeper within yourself. While we don’t offer easy solutions, the inner growth happens at its own pace.

A few basic requirements:

As a guest it is important that you resonate with the spirit of the ashram, show real and passionate commitment to your personal transformation; developing awareness of how to live in harmony with yourself, with others and with nature.

Please note we are not a drug rehabilitation centre or a medical facility and we are unable to welcome people who are emotionally or mentally disturbed, addicted to drugs, alcohol, tobacco or suffering the comedown effects of these substances, or those who are physically unable to perform our daily duties.

We recommend that during the day you keep your social conversations at a minimum, enjoying instead moments of silence surrendering your mind to allow the inner silence to permeate your being.

In joining us you really need to honour our commitment to living naturally, sustainably and consciously.

Our ashram is a retreat from regular society, a time to move inwards, so it is important that you take a break from all electronic devices (mobile phones, computers etc). It's best if you let everyone back home know in advance that you will be out of touch for a while, except of course in the case of any emergency when friends and family can ring or email the ashram.

Food & wellbeing

We are totally committed to ensuring that our vegetarian meals are nourishing, healthy and delicious. We grow a lot of our own organic vegetables and fruits and all our produce are supplied by a friendly local organic food co-operative.

We germinate our grains and legumes to enhance digestibility, and we ensure that plenty of raw food options are available. We eat communally and our emphasis here is on conscious eating.

The daily programme includes Osho meditation techniques, meditation in action and discourses. In the evenings starting with sunset meditation we have Sangha, the gathering of friends sitting silently and sharing with Swami Prem Samaya.

Our land

The variety of wildlife, flora and fauna is stunning, the air is pure. We are situated high in the hills, with 100 acres of sub-tropical forest leading to a creek and swimming hole.

At breakfast, wallabies chew casually just a few feet from us, kookaburras are laughing at us; Two prime peacock stalk across the lawn. At night the cicadas and frogs fill the air with music and the stars are thick across the sky.

The spectacular Minyon Falls and the Nightcap National Park are situated nearby, with many kilometres of bush walks. The famous Byron Bay beaches are only a forty-minute drive, while this region is also one of the world's pre-eminent centres of sustainable living.


Living within our means and in harmony with nature is an extension of meditation and awareness. More and more of the food we serve comes from our own land. We have vast rainwater storage; firewood from fallen trees is used for cooking; the sun heats our water for shower and laundry.  



Here are some blogs written by travellers who spent time at the Ashrama:

- Aaron Belson

- Becky Fromm

And some quotes from emails we've received recently:

   "I have no words to describe what this place means to me, I am learning so much, finding so much, experiencing so much, loving so much and living so much. Living totally as myself, joyfully through the heart :) with an open heart."
Linda from Sweden

   "This place is a hidden paradise! I had an awesome time, feeling so much love and support like never before in my life. I got the chance to make heart connections to every single person, but also faced many of my demons, learned about attachments and how to let go. I am grateful to everybody who was part of this unforgettable experience and hope this place will help many more people who are willing to transform. Love and Blessings!!!!"
Andrea from Germany

   "We had an amazing time at the Ashrama. We really connected with the people, ourselves and nature. The meditations were amazing and we really learnt something about ourselves. The location is beautiful and the food is delicious. We did not want to leave! Thank you to all the beautiful people of the Ashrama for making our stay so memorable."
Paul & Karen from London

   "I miss you all lots and hope everyone is well and happy. I've caught up with a few friends since I've got back from the Ashrama and they all say I look amazing and different. My friends have asked me to describe my Ashrama experience and to be honest I find it hard to put into words. I can say that it was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had and that who you are and how you are, with your warm smiles & loving hearts made my experience so amazing, thank you.
   I'm still processing, noticing changes in myself and the way I do things. I'm a lot more focused, centered, calm, relaxed, open, loving and just enjoying each and every moment of the day. I'm still not exactly sure what the future holds but that is ok. I have a loose plan and open to what ever happens, knowing that today "is a good day to die" 
   Now I'm not sure if it was the Kundalini or the Dynamic meditation but something has shifted. I'm really enjoying being more open & loving & connecting with people on a deeper level. Well my beautiful family & friends, I hope that you are all well and happy. I hope you are looking after my little garden as to be sure I will return one day and catch up with you all. Until we meet again, keep smiling, loving & dancing. Sent with lots of love, gratitude and a full and happy heart."
Michael from Perth

   “I miss the Ashrama so much.... and it seriously is the best Ashrama I've been to so far, I tell everyone this. It's one place where I really enjoyed working as meditation."
Andrea from Canada

   “Staying at the Ashrama in the bush was probably one of the most intense and beautiful experiences of my life. I came out a different person and ever since things have been flowing for me so amazingly well I have to pinch myself sometimes. Every where I go I tell people about my experiences there and many have gone there to see what all the fuss is about already. 
    I hope to return one day but even if I don't I still feel the long term benefits of my time there will never wear off. The people you encounter there will teach you so much about yourself and how to grow to be a 'better' person that the opportunity to experience such an amazing place should not be missed!!!”
Cherith from Northern Ireland

   "I've stuck to my meditation and my 30 minutes me time. I am still on the 'right' path. What I learnt in the Ashrama has been so invaluable to me, in discovering my centre, creativity and the love I have for others. Sending my love to yourself, Swami Prem Samaya, everyone else, old or new, the wallabies, the birds, the jumping ants and all and one."
Ben from London

   “I am not sure that I can find the words to describe this place of bliss. There is not anywhere like it. I learned so much here and grew so much. Love is literally in the air. I could feel it in every breath. I could see it in every flower and taste it in every bite. If you want to find your inner self, better your life, and have a beautiful experience, then you are silly not to come here. :) thank you, Swami Prem Samaya, Dwari, and everyone else who made each moment so special - sending my love.”
Heather from Michigan USA

   “Samaya Ashrama is a beautiful place where beautiful people are learning how to live life fully and in harmony away from the madness of crazy cities... My life changing experience, for sure.” Poukie from Belgium “It took me a day to fall in love with this place and every day this Ashrama proves me right. This place offers you a live changing experience, to find the precious core everyone has inside.
    I am still here and can´t believe how i got here and where I could find a place like this again. I never did meditation before, so don´t be afraid, just be open to get challenged with the person you are truly. And besides this... I never had more fun, Ashrama family, thanks for creating a place that makes me so happy!”
Julia from Germany

   “The Ashrama is a beautiful place... no question. The nature, people and lifestyle all work in harmony to create a perfect place to explore oneself and the Australian wild. Its a life changing experience. Every day something new happens, the essential stays the same but every day is different. It has opened me up to new experiences such as yoga, vipassanna and sober dancing! I really wish the best for the future of the Samaya Ashrama. Love you all you beautiful people!“
Ben from London

   “Different? Yes. But in a incredible positive way. I really enjoyed the time in the bush and I will keep this experience in my heart. The way of living was an inspiration for my future. Even if I didn't spend a lot of time with Dwari and in the Ashrama I feel like strong connected. Thanks for this wonderful experience.”
Lisa from Germany

   "Thank you soo much for your warmth, generosity, spirituality and kindness. I would really encourage anyone with a free spirit and open mind to check this beautiful sanctuary out. The people are amazing and it'll certainly be a life changing experience - thank you for everything.”
Claire from England

   "Thank you very much for every little moment I spent with you. I don't have words to explain what I experienced at Ashrama but still I will try my best. Staying at Ashrama definitely gave me break from hectic routine and a strange peace to my mind which I can't explain. My mind still keep on thinking but somehow the aura of Ashrama must have slowed it down. 
    I loved the meditation sessions and company of such a genuine people. I had a perception that genuine people doesn't exist anymore but there I found a bunch of them. Most beautiful thing I experienced were the HUGS I got from few of you. I have never seen the energy some of you have been blessed with.”
Vinay from Sydney

   “My heart is so full of gratitude towards you all there - I am amazed and a little astonished with what we were able to achieve in those 5 short days. Despite being intense and difficult at times, it was perfect. I know when looking back on my life, my stay at the Osho Samaya Ashrama will be one of the great turning points. Swami Prem Samaya is truly an incredible man and one who I will never forget.”
Geneve from Sydney

   "At this very moment I am listening to OSHO and his pauses, his inflections, his calmness brings me back to you, back to the small cabin with wooden floors and that pink Himalayan salt heart crystal with the candle flickering, lashing back and forth in it. I am remembering every stinging ant bite, every beautiful reflection, the electricity of every strike of lightning over Lismore, the extraordinary sweetness of a Magnum ice cream after busking on the streets with Ohm. 
   I have countless times used the lessons that I have learned from my time coming to love you all.  I write to you with apprehension and wariness, understanding that I had promised to write sooner and then consistently deleted the drafts and drafts of emails that I would have liked to send to you. 
Tonight, I wish to tell you that you all have featured in my thoughts on a daily basis, and that I have learned priceless lessons from loving you all, from seeing the truths in me that you have mirrored. Swami Prem Samaya, I want to thank you deeply and truly for your gift to me. 
   Time and rhythm and music permeate my life. Ecstatic bliss vibrates at incredible decibels within me. You once chided me for being loud, and I find that this loudness has subsided to make way for true beauty.  Amrita, Dwari and Yatri, I cherish our moments of bliss, music, poetry, gardening, reflection, and adventure. I hope to remain friends with you throughout this lifetime and beyond.”
Claire from California USA

   “Life has been fantastic since leaving the Ashrama and I have all of you to thank for that, seriously! I look at things so differently now and am so much more aware, I can't tell you how many times I've been walking down the street and a big stupid smile just comes across my face and I think to myself, God I just love life! 
   And it's all down to you guys and all that I learned and took from my stay. It's really been the most important and special part of this journey and allowed a true awakening inside The whole living in the present and moment to moment really is working out for me by the way, it's awesome!! 
   Just to have no worries (or try) and tell yourself things will work out as they're supposed too and sure enough they do! It's interesting living a life of no major set plans and just going with it and seeing what happens!”
Ruth, Ireland 

   “This is like nothing I tried before. It was a really cool experience. I did not knew that this kind of places existed. I meet some of the most interesting and kind persons ever so far on my trip. Thank you so much for opening up my eyes to a different society.”
Johan from Sweden

   “It's been a lovely experience - that I will always remember. Great people, amazing natural surroundings and a very special atmosphere. Thank you all! Highly recommended”
Christiane from Germany

   “We had an amazing time at the Ashrama. We really connected with the people, ourselves and nature. The meditations were amazing and we really learnt something about ourselves. The location is beautiful and the food is delicious. We did not want to leave. Thank you to all the beautiful people of the Ashrama for making our stay so memorable”
Paul & Karen from UK & Malta

   “We had an amazing, life changing experience here. Cannot be explained in words. Highly recommended!”
Erin & Charles from Minnesota USA

   “It was a very pleasant and calming experience. Everyone is so accepting and full of love it creates a wonderful environment for personal reflection and growth. I enjoyed every minute of it, I felt appreciated and respected and got to feel a sense of accomplishment for working on the farm and learning about the lifestyle.”
Chris from California USA

   "Everyday at the Ashrama was needed, I think that I dropped something "negative" everyday and received positive things everyday without me even noticing it. It was like I had an empty necklace when I came to the Ashrama and for each day a new pearl was put on. And that necklace I am now carrying and I can feel it's shining reflection inside of me all the time. And I will never take it off. I feel so much more connected with myself then I have ever done in my whole life. I didn't even know that this was possible."
Ylva-Li from Sweden

   "I cannot express how much of an amazing, life changing time Dhyan Vartha and myself had with you all. You really have something very special going on up there in Rosebank. I have come back to Sydney with a fresh outlook on life and i feel much calmer and settled. It is unbelievable how much I have learnt about myself and life in general in the space of those 5 days. Thank you to all of you for making that possible."
Eva from Sydney

   "Thanks for having us there in Ashrama Swami Prem Samaya. It was really a very holistic and an aesthetic experience and I just wanted to thank you all from heart for sharing love and beautiful energy. After many years living in mad rush of proving worth of self here in city, had completely engulfed me aloof from self. Time and again Osho use to give a glimpse in mind when just sipping cup of tea but then as tea is finished again getting lost and saying to self that one day I will surely have time to know myself.
   Ashrama Samaya provided the congenial environment to the lost spirit and stirred in me the quest again to be responsible and aware of my actions. Living so close to nature as an individual, being aware of own actions and enjoying the meditation in act was such a beautiful experience, it is fresh and now will be imprinted in my memory as one of the beautiful experience this life could have offered.
   Thanking all the members in the group for having such a lovely and lively energy. I do wish to be a part of Samaya Ashrama in days to come, this time surely for longer stay. Thank you for all your effort and dedication in providing a beautiful home to us." 
Deepa from Sydney

   "I have never experienced such beauty, peacefulness, happiness, connectedness ever and I am looking at life with new eyes..."
Nina from Cairns

   "I do miss the Ashrama and its lifestyle and atmosphere, I always appreciated the Ashrama for what it has to offer for the true seeker of freedom and now even more so. Here I make it very clear, a statement of my wish to return."
Mikka from Australia.


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